Here are my personal reasons why I believe focusing on your breathing is greatly underrated:

  1. Pelvic health: After giving birth to my son, my physiotherapist explained that improper breathing was contributing to my bladder issues. Realizing this made me feel embarrassed, but incontinence and prolapse are significant concerns for women, and proper breathing is key to addressing them.
  2. Pain management: Concentrating solely on my breath helped me endure labor contractions, recover from prolapse surgery, and manage various pains associated with autoimmune diseases.
  3. Voice projection: Being a shallow breather, I notice a difference in my voice projection in large rooms with low oxygen levels. Proper breath control, involving the diaphragm, is essential for confidence in speaking or singing.
  4. Stress reduction: Deep, controlled breathing can swiftly regulate an overactive nervous system, calming racing hearts and anxiety. Whether facing late-night worries or feelings of impostor syndrome, slowing down and focusing on breath can aid in managing difficult emotions and with a combination of other wellbeing strategies can slow down and even prevent the occurrence of health issues and chronic disease and illnesses.
  5. Injury prevention: Proper breathing techniques, like exhaling before lifting heavy objects, can prevent injuries during activities such as weightlifting or lifting children. Following safety protocols, like lifting with the knees, is crucial.
  6. Connection: Connecting with one’s body through breath awareness fosters presence and mindfulness. Pausing to breathe before responding to questions or difficult conversations can lead to more thoughtful interactions.
  7. Rest: Practicing breathing exercises, like counting breaths or box breathing, can aid in relaxation and promote better sleep.
  8. Vitality: Focusing on breathing can rejuvenate energy levels, offering a boost comparable to sleep. Even a short session of mindful breathing can enhance focus and productivity.
  9. Accessibility: Mindfulness and breathwork require no special equipment and can be practiced anywhere, making them accessible to everyone.
  10. Climaxing! That’s right. Deep breathing or visualizing the breath going to the nether regions can intensify your O!

If you’re interested in learning more about mindfulness and breathwork, feel free to message me or book a 15-minute call! or organise a 1:1 or group session at your work, community or my office.

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