Now, I do not claim to alleviate stress from your life, as stress is not something that disappears magically. However, chronic stress causes our bodies to remain in fight, flight or freeze mode, and can ultimately lead to burnout and affect our overall health. It is normal to feel negative feelings however you don’t want to be broken down by apathy, exhaustion, sadness and frustration, addiction etc.

I enable women with lifelong right habits to manage this stress and live their very best life;  empower themselves with the best opportunity for health & happiness through nervous system regulation techniques.

I will hold space for you to identify the stress patterns, triggers, and give you the tools and strategies to deal with what comes your way, through learning about the language of emotions, mindfulness and realistic action/goals bespoke to you.

I will hold your hand and kick your butt in equal proportion, I will help you, help yourself. 

For many people, the idea of sitting with their feelings, or even the words ‘meditation’ & ‘mindfulness’ are too “woo woo” or send them running. However my point of difference, the service that I offer you is I will empower you to use the appropriate language to express your emotions. I help you flex your brain muscle as you would a bicep, to be strong in body, mind and soul – you won’t have to do it alone!


one on one coaching


Bespoke coaching for ambitious, burnout women

one on one coaching


Mindset coaching for your fitness companies

one on one coaching


Welbeing for organisations, workplaces & groups

one on one coaching


Motivational and inspiring bespoke speaking for events

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