Helping you deliver holistic fitness programs

Movement has incredible impacts on your body, and reduces stress levels. But what if you could help your clients reach their goals,  remove their roadblocks? 

Think about the mindset barriers your client is facing, what’s missing from their programs? How can you better inspire them into an improved level of self awareness, mindfulness and to take action and make change in their lives?

I can coach your clients about the mindset stuff, help them understand their blocks and barriers and move them to take action and meet their fitness goals faster and stronger, both in body and mind. 


I work with your clients one-on-one or in a group setting to help them with:

      • Solid goal setting to focus on 
      • Stress management for relief
      • Mindset coaching to take action
      • Accountability to keep them on track
      • Crash course on resetting the nervous system
      • Understanding and expressing their emotions to lean into the change they desire.


      • Personal trainers
      • Gyms
      • Fitness associations and industry bodies
      • Sporting groups and clubs
      • Wellness companies
      • Allied health providers
Bianca McKee

What My Client’s Say

I will remember to look after myself more after your talk today.
Good work getting up and speaking your truth to strangers, something that is so impactful and personal. 

Stress levels too high?

If your client’s stress levels are too high, their performance and goals won’t be achieved.
I can help them, so book in a chat with me and let’s chat about how I can help them.

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