Bianca is an inspiring coach, full of the right balance of empathy and assertiveness to help me get the results I want. My favourite part about working with Bianca was her genuine passion and excitement to help me out of the rut I was in.
Bianca didn’t give up on me and utilised a variety of tools to help me navigate my own map out of that unhelpful space, to achieve goals of my own. I felt empowered and inspired every step of the way.
As a result of my time spent with B, I’ve managed to escape that feeling of being stuck in a rut, as well as successfully pivot in my career onto a trajectory with true growth ahead.
If you’re already at the point of checking testimonials, follow through and book in with B, you won’t regret making the time and space for her coaching.

– SN – 2023


 When I first came to Bianca I was tired, unmotivated, and unsure about myself and my life. since working with her I have gotten such an amazing understanding of myself and the life I would like to live and goals I would like to achieve. she has lead me to a direction I don’t think I would have found without her. she has genuinely cared for me and my journey, she just wants to help and have the best for people and it shows in her work and how she works with you. I still have a long way to go and I wouldn’t take anyone else in this journey with me. I would very strongly recommend Bianca to anyone who needs guidance to a better/less stressful life. 

– CD 2023


Bianca, your ability to take a goal and turn it into action is magic!

– JI 2022


I will remember to look after myself more after your talk today. Good work getting up and speaking your truth to strangers, something that is so impactful and personal.

– AS 2021


Bianca leads by example. She is a great coach because she does the ‘tough stuff’ she isn’t afraid to speak her fears, her failures, her truth or her heart. I have watched her transform over the years and I just love observing her from afar.

– AM 2022


You are right, mental health is everything. You made me realise that stress is a part of life. But there is always a way to take care of myself better.

– JG 2022


Bianca, you really are such an incredible person. I don’t say that lightly. All the things you have been through, you have the heart to consider others.

– AD 2022


Bianca brings an intellectual mind to every exchange, and is able to drill into purpose and brings meaning into the work we do together.

– LG 2019

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