Hi! I’m Bianca, Owner, Founder and woman!!

From as far back as I can possibly remember, I was constantly pondering the purpose of life and how we can truly feel free and happy. This question began due to one key incident which cannot be understated as to why I am so passionate about stress, and mental health.

At the age of two my father ended his life due to an complex series of traumas and addiction, and for the next thirty years my mother existed in a state of anxiety, depression, disease and ultimately a short stint with the ‘c’ word which I truly believe was caused by existing in an almost constant state of chronic stress, inducing multitudes of mental and physical ailments until the body and soul gave in at the young age of 55.

I too have battled my fair share of vices over the years. I burnt-out after redundancies and grief, not putting myself first and over working both personally and professionally; not once but multiple times. I’ve struggled with self-belief and imposter complex (syndrome). But somewhere in between being broke and burnout, after losing multiple role models, family and friends, working in jobs that I absolutely hated, carrying double my healthy weight and birthing two beautiful children of my own, I made the decision that I would no longer be another statistic. I would not be another person living a life of chronic depression, chronic pain and anxiety practising unhealthy habits that stopped me from finding my happiness and prevented me from ultimately enabling others to find theirs.


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To teach as many people as I can, how to manage their stress response and remove stress out of their bodies, using mindfulness, mindset & movement strategies. This will enable them to take back the control of their mind, body and ultimately their time, and life.
I also truly believe that sometimes we just need somebody to believe in us, so that we can remember that we also need to believe in ourselves. To nurture ourselves.

I want people to build habits so they can live more content, purposeful, fulfilled lives.


I believe that mental health, and our health in general is everything that we have in life. The connection between our overall health, our energy and our stress levels are undeniable in this day and age. We seem to live in a world which is so connected virtually but often disconnected to the human, to nature and to the self.

However if we look at what makes us all alike, all humans have a profound need for connection and for health and for happiness.
In this ‘busy’ life, always on the go; the sense of balance and calm is often lacking.

When our wheels begin to spin, our autonomic nervous system kicks into fight, flight or freeze mode and we lose our homeostasis state, which in short means that our adrenaline spikes , we go into survival mode and the stress starts to impact our overall ability to thrive.

When we experience too much of this stress, and live our lives in the sympathetic nervous system it is difficult for our bodies to maintain homeostasis (basically a healthy balance on the inside) and then we are at risk of burnout- which shows up in symptoms of exhaustion, fatigue, fogginess, lack of energy, apathy, disengagement and unhappiness.

When we are not in homeostasis we can also experience a lack of libido, rapid heart rates, increased illness, sweating, difficulty sleeping or even sleeping ‘too much’.



  • Qualified Beautiful You Coach (an International Coaching Federation accredited Coaching Course) 
  • Meditation instructor (In training) with Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness 
  • Counsellor (in training)
  • DISC accredited
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Professional Writer and Editor studied at Victoria University


  • Health (mental/happiness/fitness/energy/nutrition)
  • Relationships (fam/friends/community)
  • Generosity (service/time/compassion)
  • Creativity(mindfulness/nature/beauty/individual expression)
  • Abundance (time/flexibility/beauty/comfort for the above)

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