When you find the right coach for you magic happens, and you start to
feel much better about yourself, your life and the future.

Find the right coach with these tips for optimal success.

If you’ve ever played a team sport, you know that it takes more than individual skill to win. Each player needs to understand their role and work together toward a common goal. In other words, you need a team to win, not just individuals playing for themselves. This is true of any type of game, including life. The best coaches can see the whole playing field at once — so they know where to position their players for optimal success. Think about the best coach you’ve ever had in your life: or maybe even an increible role model, teacher or mentor. How were they able to see things you couldn’t? And most importantly, how did they help bring out the best in you?

What Is Coaching?
Let’s start with what is coaching. It’s a form of personal or professional development that helps individuals maximise their potential and reach their goals.
A coach can help you:
1. get clarity about what you want to create in your life

2. create a specific action plan for achieving your goals,

3. provide accountability and encouragement as you follow your plan.

And kick your butt into action (gently) when you are procrastinating or stalling on those goals you’ve got your heart set on.

Coaching is not counselling or therapy and should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychological intervention. But they do have bespoke training and skills in understanding people, stress management, helping people creating change in their lives and achieve their goals.

Coaching is a relationship between two people that’s based on trust and the desire to help the other succeed. The coach is not in charge of you; they are there so you can reach your full potential and get the most out of life.

Why You Should Hire a Coach?
There are three main reasons why you should hire a coach:
1. Get out of your own head. You may be incredibly intelligent and self-aware, but that doesn’t mean you know and understand everything about yourself, your limiting beliefs and how to get out of your head.

2. Get real-time feedback. When you’re in the middle of the work, the emotions, andthe chaos, it’s hard to step back and see if what you’re doing is working or not. A coach will give you judgement free help to see what’s happening and how to
overcome it.

3. Get accountability. You might know what you need to do and have the best
intentions, but sometimes you need someone to keep you on track and help you get out of your own way.

How to Find the Right Coach for You:

When you’re looking for a coach, it can be tempting to pick the first one you find. After all, they’re all coaches, right? Well, not exactly.

It’s important to ask yourself the following questions when you’re searching for the right coach:

1. What is their coaching style? There are different coaching styles, and the best coach for you is the one whose style resonates with you.

2. What are their qualifications? Check their website and see if they have qualifications and whether it’s from a reputable and registered training organisation.

3. What do other people say about them? While you can’t take everything at face
value, it’s helpful to see if other people have had a good experience with the coach.

4. What are their rates? You can’t always trust a low price. While price shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing a coach, it is helpful to know what to expect.

5. Do they specialise in the area you need help in? In the same way that you need a doctor who is a specialist in your type of illness, you need to find a coach who is a specialist in the field you are trying to improve.

Steps to Finding the Right Coach for You
1. Get clear on what you want. If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s hard to get
anywhere. The first step in finding the right coach is getting clear on the type of life
you want to create.

2.  Find the right type of coach. Different coaches work with different people and goals. Find someone who specialises in the stage of life you are at, the life you want to create and the challenges you are facing. Some work with stay-at-home mums, executives or clients experiencing burnout (like myself). Pick your coach type wisely.

3. Trust the process. You may find your ideal coach on the first try, but if not be patient and remember you will find the right coach for you. We also outgrow our
relationships and coaches, so don’t feel bad if you need to find a different coach as
you change and evolve.

4. Look for examples of the coach’s work. Look at their websites, read their
testimonials and what work they do with clients. Also check their Google Reviews
and what their clients are saying about them. It will give you a good idea of the type
of person the coach is and the results they help their clients achieve.

5. Hire the right coach for you. You need to feel comfortable and trust your coach, so look around and don’t just sign up with the first one you find. Many coaches offer a free discovery call, so book it and chat with them to get a feel for them. A good match with your style will mean you gel well and work on your goals together much better. This is the most important step.


Coaching is a form of personal and professional development that helps individuals
maximise their potential and reach their goals. A coach can impact your world in a positive way, helping you to gain clarity about what you want to create in your life, create a specific action plan forward, and provide encouragement along your journey. Finding the right coach can help you get out of your own head, get real-time feedback, and get the accountability you need to achieve your goals. Finding the wrong coach, well that’s a whole other article but it’s not pretty.
If you’ve been wanting to reach out and chat to someone about your coaching needs, book a free discovery call today and let’s see if we are a good match!!

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