Michael Jordan once said ‘my greatest skill was that I was coachable. I was a sponge aggressive to learn.’

However, coaching isn’t just for elite athletes, CEO’s and celebrities, it’s for people wanting to achieve their life goals and feel fulfilled. 

When you hear the word coach, what comes to mind? Do you think of the sports coach that yells ‘twenty push ups’ or ‘faster’? Or do you think of a celebrity having a coach to help with their life and status?

The truth is, everyone needs a coach. Yes, elite athletes, successful business leaders and celebrities have them, even coaches have coaches. Everyone, including everyday people can really benefit from having a coach. 

You’re a busy person, your time and energy are your currency. You have a job or business, errands to run, housework to tackle and family to take care of. You’re also trying to manage your own life and career. And you probably have friendships that need tending to from time to time. These things are all important parts of your life, but sometimes can feel overwhelming or challenging. 

This is where having a personal coach can come in handy. A coach can help you achieve or discover your goals and live the life you want by holding space for you, or creating an action plan, keeping you accountable for hitting your targets on a regular basis. Whether you’re new to being coached or need a fresh start with a new coach, here are eight reasons why everyone needs a coach.

  1. You’re too ‘busy’ to stay on track by yourself

Life after Covid has picked up pace again. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or ‘busy’, you know that time is a precious and limited resource. Sometimes, instead of treating time as a valuable resource, we squander it with procrastination or self doubts. A coach can help you stay on track and get the most out of your time. A good coach will help you define what’s truly important and show you how to prioritise your time so that you can get the most out of it, working with your values and strengths. 

Coaching can help you get more done and feel less stressed. You’ll have the tools and support you need to create real change in your life. Coaches can help you break down your goals into manageable chunks so that you can see your progress. And once you’ve finished one goal, you can move on to the next.

  1. You have trouble setting boundaries and saying “no”

It’s important to set boundaries in your life to protect yourself from becoming overwhelmed and overworked. Unfortunately, many people fail to set boundaries. They don’t know how to say no, or they feel guilty when they set boundaries. 

A coach can help you set and maintain healthy boundaries in your life. Setting boundaries can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and burn out. You can get more done each day without feeling stressed and tired. And you’ll have more time for yourself and the people who matter the most to you.

  1. Coaching helps you set and achieve your goals

Have you ever set a goal and then failed to achieve it? If so, then you know how disappointing it can be. And it’s even worse when you don’t understand why you failed. 

A good coach will help you set realistic and achievable goals that you can finish and actually enjoy. Will help you create a plan for meeting your goals and staying on track. And will give you regular feedback on how close you are to meeting your goals. This can help keep you motivated and moving in the right direction. 

And if you need a little extra push, your coach can help with that too.

  1. A coach can help you develop key skills

Everyone has their own areas of interest and strengths that they want to develop even further. You may want to develop your leadership skills or learn how to manage your time better. Or maybe you want to improve your public speaking abilities or lead a team in a more effective way. 

A coach can help you understand what skills you want to develop and show you how to get there. Coaching can help you develop more confidence and self-esteem in yourself, your health and overall wellbeing. 

By developing your strengths and working towards your goals, you’ll feel more empowered and confident. You can use your new skills and abilities to reach your full potential and live the life you want.

  1. Coaching for dealing with stress

We all encounter stress in our lives from time to time. But a consistent stress can really drag you down and prevent you from reaching your goals. Having a coach can help you deal with your stressors, or triggers and reduce their harmful effects. 

Stress in our body can manifest into illness, fatigue, apathy, brain fog and can become chronic illness aka burnout if left unmanaged. A good coach will help you understand your triggers and give you habits, develop strategies and techniques for dealing with your stress and improving your ability to cope with it to cultivate your calm. 

  1. Improved self-esteem with coaching

Low self-esteem can prevent you from achieving your goals and living the life you want. Helping you improve your self-esteem and develop a positive relationship with yourself is something a coach can help you with. Which in turn allows you to feel differently about yourself, your daily life and reach your goals.

  1. Dealing with fear and anxiety 

Fear and anxiety are a potent cocktail of stress and can prevent you from reaching your goals and getting things done in your day to day life. They interrupt your happiness and sleep. 

But these are natural, normal, human emotions, ones we all experience but you don’t have to let them stop you from achieving our dreams. A coach will help you understand your fears and anxiety, and how to overcome them so you can feel happy and fulfilled. 

  1. Coaching for more confident progress

Your health, career or business is important to you. It plays a key role in your happiness, and providing for you and your family’s wellbeing. But if you aren’t happy with your career or business path, you may feel stuck and wish you could do something else. Or maybe you just need some new hobbies or healthy habits.

A coach can help you explore different career and growth options that fit with your life, desires, and personality. They can also help you have difficult conversations with challenging clients, managers, and to manage your inner critic so you can ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

Coaching Wrapped Up

Your life is an adventure and it’s important to invest in yourself. You deserve to have the best support, tools, and guidance available to help you reach your greatest potential. 

A coach can keep you focused on your goals and motivated to achieve them. By working with a coach, you can accomplish more and feel confident in your abilities. You can reach your goals and live the life you want. You can make the most out of your time and energy, with the best support along your journey. It’s personalised, dedicated one-on-one time, building a stronger, happier, healthier, more confident and successful you.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level and make real change, book a free 15 min discovery call and let’s see if we are a good fit. Because if we are a good fit, this is when the coaching magic happens.

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