ANTI-burnout coaching


Learn strategies & build permanent habits to prevent burn-out

& continue fulfilling your ambitious life.  

Enable yourself with knowledge

of the ANS (the parasympathetic

and sympathetic nervous system) to
manage your stress and your stress response.

I no longer wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honour – brene brown

1:1 coaching


Bespoke, 45 minute sessions where we will dig deep into what you truly want to change, improve and grow in your life. 

I will both rip the bandaid off and hold your hand with accountability to make the changes you need to live your version of a successful,  precious life. 

Build new and improved focus, discipline, self care, mindful, playful, stress relieving habits that will assist you to live a purposeful, productive life without constantly feeling fatigue, distress or being on the verge of burn out! (sorry Neil Young but it is not better to burn out than fade away. 

(3, 6, 12 week programs are available)

speed coaching sessions 


1/2 day goal setting sessions with a small group of likeminded, ambitious women.

Break free from your imposter syndrome, and spend more time in your genius zone. 

This session will help you solidify those  tangible steps you need to take to achieve your goals, on paper- or tech!

(Including brunch, and a 10 minute group meditation, to manifest your goals into action with calm and intention). 





6 week program for ambitious women

Learn all about the Autonomic Nervous System, how to prevent burnout and achieve big things in your life using my unique ‘P model’. 


Bringing an end to ‘secret womens business’ this program is designed for mothers to talk about all things, ‘mum’ life. Everything from Cold Coffee to Pelvic Floors, this circle is a safe space to discuss anything with likeminded women!

This program will help you to practice peace, passion & purpose using physical and playful modalities. Rediscover your name; the woman behind the title of ‘mum’.


Acting as the interpreter from what’s coming from my head, Bianca offers thoughtful suggestions and inputs to the work I am doing and is always full of solid ideas to make it even better. She brings an intellectual and curious mind to every exchange we have and is able to really drill into purpose, bringing meaning to the work we do together. I don’t believe my business would be where it is today had I not been able to tap into Bianca’s expertise.

LG 2020 


What a resilient, inspirational woman you are. 

AM 2021


Thank you for your time, your passion and generosity. Your insights are truly life changing. 




Thank you for your wonderfully, honest conversation.

SB 2019


Nothing was too much for Bianca. What a dream to work with.

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Who am I helping


IN 2022

women's circle for mothers

Bringing an end to ‘secret womens business’ this program is designed to be a safe space for mothers to talk about all things; hormones, cold coffee, stress, life, pelvic floors and all that is inbetween.

A community of likeminded women getting stronger; for themselves and their family, together.

Somewhere to practice peace, passion & purpose using physical and playful modalities. Rediscover your name; yourself. The woman behind the title of ‘mum’.

8 week online program for AMBITIOUS women

Currently cocreating this incredible program with other Fabulous, Melbournian, Female Leaders.


We will have a line-up of experts to discuss:
The Autonomic Nervous System, Learning through play, Yoga & Meditation, Goal setting, Nutrition, Creativity and Movement.

Plus 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions with myself.



SPeed COAching for ambitious women

1/2 day goal setting sessions where you rip the bandaid off, dig deep into what you want to achieve, and take one step further to create tangible, realistic actions towards transforming your dreams into a realiity, whether it be personal, professional, health, or well being this session is for you!

1:1 coaching for ambitious women

Bespoke, 45 minute, 1:1 coaching for ambitious women who may need to slow down, focus, prioritise themselves and achieve balance within their valuable, ‘busy’ lives whilst still achieving their life, career, or family goals.

3, 6, 12 week programs available or individual sessions available for previous clients only.



My ‘Why’

From as far back as I can possibly remember, I was constantly pondering the purpose of life and how we can truly feel free and happy. This question began, I believe, due to one key incident which cannot be understated as to why I am so passionate about stress, and mental health.

At the age of two my father ended his life due to an complex series of traumas and addiction, and for the next thirty years my mother existed in a state of anxiety, depression, disease and ultimately a short stint with the ‘c’ word which I truly believe was caused by existing in an almost constant state of chronic stress, inducing multitudes of mental and physical ailments until the body and soul gave in at the young age of 55. 

I too have battled my fair share of vices over the years. I burnt-out after redundancies and grief, multiple times. I’ve struggled with self belief and imposter syndrome  But somewhere in between being broke and burn-out, after losing multiple role models, family and friends, working in jobs that I absolutely hated, carrying double my healthy weight and birthing two beautiful children of my own, I made the decision that I would no longer be another statistic, I would not be another person living a life of chronic depression and anxiety practicing unhealthy habits that stopped me from finding my happiness and prevented me from ultimately enabling others to find theirs.

I have read ‘all’ the self-help books, I am self confessed health and wellbeing input addict. I have studied the life coaching course, and am currently immersing myself in counselling psychology and meditation studies to develop even stronger frameworks for women to stand strong and fulfil their ambitious life goals. 

But no course, no book or study can substitute for the true journey of learning to look after yourself; mind, body and soul through survival and necessity. 

My aim, is to teach women the art of self-care and burnout prevention (not cure!)

Which is why I have developed a model for ambitious individuals to empower themselves with knowledge of the autonomic nervous system, and how to balance their calm so nobody has to live a constant state of chronic stress, ebbing and flowing between fight and flight mode.



A professionally qualified Coach, Writer & Mental Health enthusiast with years of experience working in multitudes of roles in the not for profit and corporate environments, as well as supporting well-being, HR and health industries during self employment.

Constantly striving to contribute to a happier, stronger, mentally healthy society.  Bianca always puts people before process; an empathic realist who aspires to help others  find their purpose, passion and peace to live their lives to the fullest.

A strategic thinking, ideating, multi-potentialite who is addicted to loving life, health and well-being, deep conversations, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the unique in all individuals. 

An Anti-burnout Coach, Writing Woman, Creative, Exercise Enthusiast, Mindfully Mad, Nature Lover, Fresh Foodie,
Curious, Passionate, Generous, NO BS, Story Teller and Coffee Connoisseur.

CONTACT BIANCA MCKEE | +61 425 055 732


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+61 425 055 732


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